Real Estate Clients

As a real estate agent, you know how important the satisfaction of your client is to your reputation and your business. Past clients are a vital lifeline to generating a constant and steady stream of business and referrals–but sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to keep in touch with them after you’ve successfully gotten them into a home they love. In this article you’ll find tips and tricks for ways to make sure your past clients are available to you long past the transaction.

There is a fine line between keeping in touch with your past clients and becoming an obnoxious nag who is always sending letters, calling, or emailing a person who no longer needs your services. So how do you avoid becoming a pest but still keep your client in your circle of contacts? It all boils down to keeping it personal but not too personal, making sure the contact is light-hearted and fun, and being charismatic. You want your client’s experience to be so pleasant and positive that when they decide to sell their house or buy a business 15 years down the road, your name is the first one they think of. The best route of action in keeping contact with a client is to assess the client as an individual. Is your relationship with them more friendly, or strictly professional? Neither is necessarily better than the other, but knowing what type of relationship you have with a client can help you determine the best way to contact them without crossing any lines or scaring them off.

One way to find a reason to contact a past client is to bring them news that they have a use for. Past clients are less likely to be turned off by hearing from you if you’re delivering useful information, such as the latest news of their particular community and the local housing market. With the real estate market becoming increasingly intense, many homeowners are interested in foreclosure information, the value of their property, and other aspects of the real estate world. You can also offer maintenance reminders like changing out smoke detector batteries once a year or a reminder to have an inspector like Orkin check for termites every few years.

Of course giving your client a call here and there is the most simple way to keep your name in the forefront of their mind–but if you don’t have information or suggestions for them, what do you talk about? Oftentimes clients truly appreciate a call from their realtor even if it’s just to check in and ask if the move went smoothly. Moving and buying a house can be a very stressful experience, and hearing from you may make their day a little better. This concern shows that you are caring and interested in keeping touch with the client. Of course you’ll need to make sure you have a reliable smart phone with unbeatable service–which is where providers like T-Mobile come in.

If traditional calls or emails seem a little professional for you and your past client’s relationship, then perhaps becoming linked through social media is a good plan of action. Of course you’ll need their permission before you go searching their name on Facebook or Twitter, but once you have the go ahead to do so, contacting them will seem much easier and less formal. Just seeing your name pop up when you like their status will help them remember you and therefore make it more likely that they will refer you to their own friends and family looking to buy or sell properties.


Most of these tips and tricks don’t seem like anything special, but provided you choose the right kind of contact to make with your clients, you won’t regret reading them. Take notes, remember that you are a successful real estate agent, and make that call! (Or email…)